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We are a leading online booking website in Sri Lankan travel trade since 2010 powered by IATA accredited agent Benz Travels. We offer you to plan your travel easier, faster and accurate.A simple click of will bring you great prices to get an absolute air fares. associated with an exclusive network of 152 leading airlines to bring you greatest travel solutions in this travel and tourism field. We have experienced dedicated professionals to provide you a capable and reliable service according to your varied needs. always prefer you the cheapest air fares for its all extensive range of destinations. Also SriLanka defines direct online air ticket booking in and from SriLanka without redirect you to a third party agency or affiliate websites to ensure the lowest air ticket deals, fares in the most convenient and speedy way.

Our Team

You can get touch with our dedicated travel experts over 24 hours, and our team attempt to provide the greatest support to make your travel experience the best. Our enormous aim is to make your travel an incredible remembrance.

We are offering several choices of travel solutions with a massive collection of this modern travel trade. And our service includes flights, hotels, seasonal tour packages, travel insurance and so on, therefore you can make your booking hassle less.

We can ensure that you will be back to us for your future travel requirements as well. Book with and feel the different.

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